Saturday, 5 August 2017

Escaping everyday entrapments and exploring entrancing woodlands

 The motivation to explore and to discover, I find, is not at all times constitutional to our state of being. But that we sometimes need to exercise our discipline to go fourth and seek, search, and unearth the extraordinary things that lie just beyond the corner. 
To summon an impetus that starts our journey, knowing that once in motion we may find such joy and wonder that we may never wish to stop...

Monday, 9 January 2017

Amateur photographer's antics antagonise apathetic animals

2017 Photography Edition:

A collection of unimpressed local wildlife

Photographer risked his life to capture this wild animal on film

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Remarkables Reconnaissance Rendezvous: Queenstown Winter 2016

1 week on snow in Queenstown 2016 - hitting Remarkables and Coronet Peak
Early season didn't give us the powder stashes that we crave, but riding top to bottom and sessioning the terrain park is always a smashing way to spend a day.

Take the opportunity at Remarkables to explore a little - we headed up to the top of the shadow basin chair and then hiked higher up to the lookout over Queenstown. There are some spectacular views and on a clear day there's no place better.

To see: Lake Wakatipu, 
To do: frisbee golf at Queenstown park, gondola and luge above the town, 
ski and snowboard at Remarks, Coronet peak, or Cardrona
Eat: Fergburger, Ferg Baker, Mrs Ferg gelato
Drink: $3 pints at Searle lane then head to Winnie's

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Retrospective Photographical Repertoire

I wanted to share some landscapes that I have not posted before - from being too self conscious or busy. Revisiting albums with a new perspective, we see colours and details that we never noticed before, and sometimes it is the subtleties that resonate the loudest.


silver linings


I wanted to catch the feeling of this summer as the afternoon clouds roll over the mountains 
and bathe the gumtrees in an ambience of melancholy

Where have you been little bottle? Tell me of all the walls you have climbed and crags you have seen

Monday, 2 January 2017

Interlude of Inhibitions

Sometimes our time is stolen by work and study. 
We forge ahead in the hope that new adventures will once again arrive; that our resolve to carry on and hold out will be soon succeeded by freedom and discovery. Thoughts relentlessly converge on nostalgia, memory is the furniture and crockery of an antique store that is curated, restored, and polished to a grade and quality far exceeding its former standing. So we are to bound ahead with pace and purpose, clear the salt plains and arid flats, until immersed in the crisp mountain air; air not bottled, exported, imagined, but discovered, experienced, pursued. 
The best climbs have the longest walk-ins,
And the best best powder stash is over the ridge.

Busy semester is that much wasn't so obvious already. Many excuses for not going out, few of them very convincing. In the meantime i'm sharing a few photos with some character to fulfil my civic duties to the blogging cause.

A study in sunglasses, Ohope

 Somewhere on Coromandel Peninsula


Jason, Wakatipu

Friday, 1 April 2016

Convicts and Clouds, Sandstone and Sailing - A brief history of Hobart

Hobart is an incredible city and impossible to appreciate in just one week. For bold sandstone buildings, seafood and coffee, it is world class. 

To see: Port Arthur, Battery Point and Salamanca Markets, MONA art gallery
To stay: Centre of Hobart city is best for transport and views
To eat: Jackman & McRoss bakery, any seafood by the harbour, innumerable boutique cafes

Chapter 1: Port Arthur

Chapter 2: The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Chapter 3: Mount Wellington

Monday, 11 January 2016